Miss Saigon-2013

Performed entirely by students
Adapted from the original French lyrics by ALAIN BOUBLIL
Additional material by RICHARD MALTBY JR

Orchestrations by WILLIAM DAVID BROHN
Original Stage Production by CAMERON MACKINTOSH

School Edition specially adapted and licensed by JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD

February 2013
7.30pm Gala Performance Saturday 9th  
7.30pm Monday 11th to Saturday 16th
2.30pm Matinees Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th
The Lyric Theatre Carmarthen


Act I
The action begins on a Friday night in Saigon in April 1975. Backstage at Dreamland, an after-hours club which is frequented by American Marines, a group of bar-girls is preparing to perform. The Engineer, who owns the club, introduces them to a new girl, Kim, a 17-year-old orphan who has fled the countryside after seeing her family destroyed.
Afraid that the enemy forces of the Viet Cong will kill them if they are left behind when Saigon falls, the bar-girls are eager to connect with an American G.I. who can get them out of the country. The Engineer wants to get his hands on a visa so that he can escape when the Americans pull out. He sends the girls on-stage for a sham beauty contest to select a “Miss Saigon.”
A group of Marines enters the bar. Among them are two friends, Chris and John. Chris is astounded by Kim’s innocence.Sensing that Chris is interested in Kim, John bargains with the Engineer to secure her for his friend. Chris takes Kim to a tiny room overlooking the moonlit city.
Chris, deeply touched by what he has shared with Kim, quietly leaves the room while she is sleeping. Walking through the street, he sings Why God Why? questioning why he has had this profound experience when he is about to leave Saigon..
Chris asks her to live with him and they express their love for each other. Chris calls John at the Embassy, where they both work, to tell him that he needs time to spend with Kim. John says that Saigon is falling apart and urges him to come to the Embassy right away. Chris bargains with the Engineer for another night with Kim.Gigi and the other bar-girls are helping Kim move in with Chris.
In the midst of their celebration, the door flies open and Thuy, Kim’s fiancee, appears. He has come to claim Kim and save her from the shame of being a bar-girl. When he sees Chris and the shrine to her parents, he is outraged. Kim tells him that her parents’ promises died with them. Kim refuses to go with Thuy. He leaves, saying that she is his until she dies. He predicts that “Saigon will fall and so will your G.I.”Chris tells Kim that he has decided to bring her with him to America.
Three years have passed during which the Viet Cong have taken over Saigon. Kim is living in a small room which she shares with a group of Vietnamese. She sings I Still Believe, remembering her nights with Chris. In America, at the same time, Ellen, who is now married to Chris, sits beside her sleeping husband on their bed, singing the same song. Ellen knows that Chris is tormented by secrets that he cannot share with her, but she vows to be his wife for life. A world away, Kim, alone in a room full of strangers, makes the same vow.
The Engineer appears with Thuy. Thuy wants to forget Kim’s transgression and marry her as their parents decreed. She says she is still bound to Chris. Thuy calls her a fool and summons his men into the room, where they threaten Kim and the Engineer. Thuy again demands that Kim agree to his wishes. The Engineer is sent out of the room and Kim reveals her secret to Thuy: her two-year-old son, Tam. Thuy says she can’t keep the child since he intends to marry her. He calls the child his enemy and draws out his knife to kill the little boy. Kim pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot him. He will not relent. She kills him.

Act II
John now works on behalf of Bui-Doi children, the children of American and Vietnamese conceived during the war. He is showing a film relating the plight of these children at a conference in Atlanta (Bui-Doi).
Chris learns that Kim has escaped to Bangkok and that he is the father of her two-year-old son. Chris is distraught. Believing that he would never see Kim again, he has married Ellen. John suggests that Chris tell Ellen the truth. Then they can go to Bangkok together to face the situation.
John arrives, and the Engineer leads him to Kim. John tries to tell her the truth about Chris, but she insists on showing off her son. John is torn between telling her the truth himself and allowing Chris to tell Kim about his marriage (Please). He tells her that Chris is in Bangkok and that he will come to see her. When John leaves, the Engineer tells Kim not to wait for Chris to come to her but to go to his hotel at once. She asks her parents’ pictures for their blessing, and the Engineer leaves to find out where Chris is staying.
As she waits for the Engineer, Kim falls asleep. Kim wakes up and sings of her unwavering love for Chris. The Engineer brings the address of the hotel, and Kim runs through the city to find him. At the same time, John is bringing Chris through the streets to find her.
At the hotel, Ellen mistakes Kim for a maid. Kim assumes that Ellen is John’s wife. Ellen, realizing who Kim must be, tells her that she is Chris’ wife. Kim is stunned. As the truth sinks in, she insists that Ellen and Chris must take Tam back to America with them. Ellen refuses, saying that Tam belongs with Kim. Kim says that Ellen and Chris cannot condemn her child to be part of the dust of life.
Outside, Kim is promising Tam that he will have a new life in America. She knows that Chris will come for his son. She goes back to the club and lies to the Engineer, saying that Chris is coming for them that night. She says that the Engineer must pack his things and prepare for the journey to America. The Engineer sings about The American Dream and shares his vision of America.
Kim dresses Tam in his best clothes. She tells him that his father is coming to take him home. She kisses Tam and hears Chris and the Engineer approaching. She gives Tam a toy and sends him out to join the Engineer. She takes Chris’ gun out of her bedside table and disappears behind the bed curtain. A gunshot is heard. Chris runs into the room and cradles Kim in his arms as she dies.

Acts and Musical Numbers:

Act one

“Overture” / “Backstage Dreamland”    Gigi, Kim, The Engineer and Girls
“The Heat is On in Saigon”    Soldiers, Girls, The Engineer, Kim, John, Chris and Gigi
“The Movie in My Mind”    Gigi, Kim and Girls
“Bartering for Kim”     The Engineer, John and Kim
“Kim and Chris Dance”    Kim, Chris and The Engineer
“Why, God, Why?”    Chris
“This Money’s Yours”     Chris and Kim
“Sun and Moon”    Kim and Chris
“The Telephone Sequence”    Chris and John
“The Deal”    The Engineer and Chris
“The Wedding”    Gigi, Kim, Girls and Chris
“Thuy’s Intervention”    Thuy, Chris and Kim
“Last Night of the World”    Chris and Kim
“The Morning of the Dragon”     Soldiers, The Engineer and Thuy
“I Still Believe”    Kim and Ellen
“Coo-Coo Princess”    The Engineer, Kim, Thuy and Soldiers
“Thuy’s Death”    Thuy and Kim
“If You Want to Die in Bed”    The Engineer
“Kim & Engineer”    Kim and The Engineer
“Finale Act I”    Kim & Chorus

Act two

“Opening Act II”    Orchestra
“Bui Doi”    Chorus and John
“Post Bui-Doi”    Chris, John and Ellen
“Bangkok”    The Engineer, Hustlers, Tourists, John and Kim
“Please”    John and Kim
“Chris is Here”    The Engineer, Kim, Club Owner and John
“Kim’s Nightmare”    Thuy, Soldiers, Chris, Kim, John and Citizens
“Sun and Moon” (Reprise)    Kim
“Kim & Ellen”    Kim and Ellen
“Now That I’ve Seen Her”    Ellen
“Ellen & Chris”    Chris, Ellen and John
“Paper Dragons”    The Engineer and Kim
“The American Dream”    The Engineer and Chorus
“Finale Act II”    Chris and Kim


The Engineer   Gavyn Brewster
A half-French, half-Vietnamese owner of the club Dreamland

Gigi    Amelia Cox
A Vietnamese bar girl who wins the contest and the title of “Miss Saigon.”
Her dream is to be taken away by an American marine to start a new life in America.

Kim    Megan Thomas
A 17-year-old Vietnamese girl from the country. She moves to Saigon and falls in love
with Chris, an American marine.

Chris    Cuan Rowlands
An American marine who falls in love with Kim.

Ellen    Sioned-Mair Rees
Chris’s wife. He married her after returning to America. She travels with him to Saigon,
where she meets Kim and Tam.

John    Robert Parker
Chris’s close friend and a fellow American marine. In the Dreamland bar,
he buys Kim for Chris.

Thuy.    Brandon Jones
Kim’s cousin, to whom she has been promised since she was 13.

Tam    Morgan Evans
Kim’s son fathered by Chris.

Bar Girls
     Mimi       Evie Weldon
     Yvette    Carys Neal
     Yvonne  Chloe Anderson

Assistant Commissar    Aled Owen

Captain Schultz    Henry Whittaker

Club Owner    Oliver Goulstone

Marine Captain    Rhydian Lewis

Senior Girls Ensemble
Sophie Williams, Hannah Walsh, Chelsea Axon, Lauren Burson, Hollie Singer,Frances Chester, Millie Saddler, Bethany Williams Potter, Angharad Maynard, Megan Lewis, Ffion Owen, Cari Griffiths, Catherine Wynne,
Ella Skyrme, Carys Matthews, Ffion James, Cerys James, Sophie Anderson, Jenna Chapman.

Senior Boys Ensemble
Rhodri Burnett, Thomas Massocchi, Thomas Miles, Rhys Horton, Oliver Goulstone, Angus Bruce, Rhydian Lewis, Gruffydd Huw, Jac Davies.

Junior Girls Ensemble
Anna Parker, Ffion Fox, Cerys Jennings, Keira Richards, Lauren Waters, Alice Morris, Laura Massocchi, Elli Rees, Elysia Jones, Alika Rees, Clementine Griffiths, Sophie Morris, Megan Larkin, Amy Bond, Mollie Curtis,
Kelila Fraser-Morgan, Eden Evans, Tayla Hek, Georgia Coverdale, Katie Jones, Trinity Biggs, Ela Bowen-Price,
Lucia Almeida, Ruby Dragone, Alys Bowen-Price.

Junior Boys Ensemble
Eliott Almeida, Jamie Waters, Ben Maslin, James Fox, Osian Radford, Dan Bond, Henry Saddler, Finn Radford, Steffan Anderson, James Morris, Owen Parker, Ethan Bowen.