Les Miserables – 2004

at the Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen
Monday, 16th February to Saturday, 21st February, 2004
Curtain up at 7.30 p.m.

at the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen

Acts and Musical Numbers:

Prologue The Company
Soliloquy Valjean
At The End Of The Day Unemployed and Factory Workers
I Dreamed a Dream Fantine
Lovely Ladies Ladies and Clients
Who Am I? Valjean
Come To Me Fantine and Valjean
Castle On A Cloud Cosette
Master Of The House Thénardier, his wife and customers
Thénardier Waltz M. and Mme. Thénardier and Valjean
Look Down Gavroche and the beggars
Stars Javert
Red and Black Enjolras, Marius and the students
Do You Hear The People Sing? Enjolras, the students and the citizens
In My Life Cosette, Valjean, Marius and Eponine
A Heart Full of Love Cosette, Marius and Eponine
One Day More The Company

On My Own Eponine
A Little Fall of Rain Eponine and Marius
Drink With Me to Days Gone By Grantaire, students and women
Bring Him Home Valjean
Dog Eats Dog Thénardier
Soliloquy Javert
Turning Women
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Marius
Wedding Chorale Guests
Beggars at the Feast M. and Mme. Thénardier
Finale The Company


Jean Valjean Tom Jones
Javert David Merriman
Bishop Elliott Westhoff
Enjolras “ “
Cosette Catrin Jones
Marius Owain Llyr
Eponine Rachel Calvert
Fantine Abigail Durgan
Thénardier Joshua Davies
Madame Thénardier Kayley Richards
Gavroche Steffan Rizzi
Little Cosette Elin Wyn Williams
Little Cosette Lauren Morgan
Little Eponine Emily Davies
Little Eponine Natalie Jones
Voice at the Barricade Andrew Fletcher

Little People
Holly Rhys-Ellis, Rebecca Miles, Lucy Clarke, Francis Chester, Rosie Williams, Cuan Rowlands, Gerard Westhoff, Rory Edwards, Christopher Morgan, Abigail Chester, Gareth Wyn Thomas, Ross Nelson, Ellis Grover.

Senior Chorus Girls
Niki Wickenden, Rebeca Jones, Louise Richards, Nia Destefano, Anwen Price, Daniele Haughey, Gemma Thomas, Carly Kavanagh, Hannah Evans, Rowan Davies,
Laura Salmman, Zoe Hayes, Samantha MacEachen, Georgina Tipping, Georgina Edwards.

Junior Chorus Girls
Rhiannon Scales, Kodi Duxberry, Jennifer Evans, Lisa Hassall, Naomi Ellis, Karen Bond, Chelsea Duxberry, Angharad Thomas, Judy Carrol, Jaimie Davies, Anna
Clarke, Sioned Maskell, Misha Kavanagh, Rebecca Vowles, Alis Lewis.

Chorus Boys
Huw Jones, Thomas Young, Gwion Davies, Steffan, Hughes, Craig Kavanagh, Thomas Vowles, Bedwyr Harries, Brendan Westhoff, David Tomlin, Rory Westhoff, Michael Formston, Hefin Robinson, Paul Hewens, Matthew Morgan.