Half a Sixpence – 2011

by arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music Ltd administered

by Boosey & Hawkes

A musical based on the novel ”Kipps” by H G Wells
Music and Lyrics by DAVID HENEKER
New version by WARNER BROWN

Monday 21st February to Saturday, 26th February 2011
Curtain up at 7.30pm
Matinee Saturday 26th February 2.30pm

at the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen


Kipps and Ann were childhood friends. When they were parted as children, Kipps cut a sixpence in half and told Ann to look at it whenever she missed him. Years later, Kipps is working as an apprentice in a draper’s shop in Folkestone. Ann arrives in the town, looking for him. They meet and re-kindle their childhood friendship. Then everything changes. Kipps meets Chitterlow – an eccentric actor/playwright – and finds out that he has inherited a fortune. He leaves the shop and is drawn into high society. He meets and falls in love with Helen Walsingham. They get engaged but Ann finds out before Kipps has a chance to tell her. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and is furious and upset at how he has treated her. But Kipps isn’t happy in high society and with the changes it forces upon him. After a showdown with Helen’s tyrannical mother, Mrs Walsingham, he calls off the engagement with Helen, realising it is Ann he loves, and he begs Ann to take him back. She does and they marry and start a new life with Kipps’ fortune. But all is not well. Ann just wants a simple life without all the trappings that Kipps’ money has brought with it. The money just causes rows between them. It looks as though their marriage won’t survive until Kipps learns that his financial adviser, Helen’s brother, has speculated all his money away and there is nothing left. Kipps and Ann are reconciled, realising that all that matters is that they have each other. In a surprising twist, Kipps comes into money again, but this time he realises that love is more important and has been all along.
This is the new version of HALF A SIXPENCE which Bill Kenwright toured across the UK in 2007/2008. It has all the familiar storylines and characters of the original show but has been re-imagined with additional scenes, bigger roles for some of the supporting characters, more pace and more humour. The chorus has as much if not more involvement as in the original show and there are many new minor roles to give chorus members an opportunity to shine.
There are nine new musical numbers, all with music by David Heneker but all with new lyrics. The new songs draw either upon songs already in the show or are songs cut from the original show or are taken from David Heneker’s existing song catalogue. They include a big ballad for Kipps in Act Two called “What Should I Feel?” and a terrific new set-piece finale to Act One, “The Cricket Match”.

Acts and Musical Numbers:

1.1 Folkestone
1.2 Shalford’s Emporium
1.3 Emporium Basement
1.4 The Promenade
1.5 Shalford’s Emporium
1.6 Theatre Alley
1.7 Town Hall Classroom
1.8 The Promenade
1.9 Shalford’s Emporium
1.10 The Promenade
1.11 Folkestone Municipal Park
1.12 Cricket Match

2.1 The Promenade
2.2 Floral Hall Ballroom
2.3 Kitchen
2.4 Theatre Alley
2.5 Rented House
2.6 Building Site
2.7 Folkestone Promenade
2.8 Bookshop

Musical Numbers

1. A Normal Working Day Shop Boys, Shop Girls, Company
2. All In The Cause Of Economy Buggins, Pearce, Kipps, Sid, Charlie
3. Half A Sixpence Kipps, Ann
4. My Heart’s Out There Kipps
5. This Is It Chtterlow, Kipps
6. Money To Burn Kipps, Company
7. Be Determined Helen, Kipps, Students
8. I Don’t Believe A Word Of It Ann, Shop Girls
9. A Proper Gentleman Kipps, Shop Boys, Shop Girls
10. Too Far Above Me Kipps, Ann
11. If The Rain’s Got To Fall Kipps, Company
12. The Cricket Match Company
13. If The Rain’s Got To Fall (Reprise) Shop Boys, Shop Girls

14. No Need Of Economy Shop Boys, Shop Girls
15. The One Who’s Run Away Kipps, Chitterlow
16. Finesse Mrs Walsingham, Young Walsingham, Helen
17. Long Ago Ann, Kipps
18. Flash, Bang, Wallop! Kipps, Company
19. I Know What I Am Ann
20. That’s What Money’s For Kipps, Shop Boys, Shop Girls
21. What Should I Feel? Kipps
22. Half A Sixpence (Reprise) Kipps, Ann
23. All In The Cause Of Economy (Reprise) Shop Boys, Shop Girls
24. A Normal Working Day (Reprise) Kipps, Ann
25. Finale Company


Cuan Wyn Rowlands Kipps
Harry Williams-Potter Young Kipps
Keira Richards Young Ann
Tom Goodridge Coachman
Megan Morgans Orphanage Maid
Osian Dulais Sid
Rhys Young Buggins
Gareth Davies Pearce
Aled Owen Charlie
Chloe Anderson Kate
Alice Green Victoria
Rebecca Miles Flo
Sophie Williams Emily
Cerys James Ruby
Cerys YeEles Mabel
Iestyn Morris Shalford
Rhian Owen Mrs Walsingham
Georgina Tipping Helen
Llinos Emmanuel Ann
Glen Gaunt Young Walsingham
Gareth Morgan Chitterlow
Hannah Walsh Laura
Heather Baum Edith
Ben Skinner Jeremiah
Thomas Young deckchair attendant
Megan Morgans Duchess
Tom Goodridge Photographer
Rob McNally Reporter
Marcy Thomas Gwendolin

Kipps Family
Chiara Evans, Steffan Anderson, Morgan Evans.

Young Ladies
Abigail Chester, Heather Baum, Hanna Walsh, Megan Morgans, Georgia Green, Chelsea Axon, Marcy Thomas.

Deramore Family
Stephanie Massocchi-McCardle, Rachel James, Hanna Evans, Anna Parker, Grace Davies,
Rob McNally.

Oaksey Family
Noa Radford, Rhian Vaile, Lauren Burson, Alika Rees, Sophie Anderson, Finn Radford,
Simon Davies.

St Oswald Family
Victoria Massocchi-McCardle, Anya Maynard, Amy Howells, Patthara Douch, Sioned-Mair Rees, Steffan Anderson, Liam Howe.

Buckingham Family
Osian Radford, Chloe Eldridge, Erica Davies, Sian-Elin Rees, Megan Pricket, Ffion James, Tom Goodridge, Chiara Evans, Morgan Evans.

Renwick Family.
Ruby Woodhead, Megan Lewis, Bronwen Pricket, Harry Williams-Potter, Siriol Davies, Chris Gordon, Elicia Axon.

Allesbury Family.
Nia Emmanuel, Abbie Wright, Millie Saddler, Laura Massocchi, Courtney Thomas, James Fox.

Hemingford Family
Tomas Nicholas, Hollie Singer, Ffion Owen, Thomas Miles, Keira Richards, Rhiannon House, Henry Saddler, Thomas Young.

Gainsborough Family
Ffion Fox, Thomas Massocchi, Mia Thomas, Lloyd Cooke, Frances Chester, Sophie Morris, Ben Skinner, Joseph Cooke.