Fiddler on the roof – 2003

Book by Joseph Stein

Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Music by Jerry Bock

at the Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen

Monday, 17th February to Saturday, 22nd February, 2003

Curtain up at 7.30 p.m.

at the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen


In the Prologue, we meet Tevye the milkman and his wife Golde, and the people of Anatevka, a small Jewish settlement in Russia. It is 1905 and the first rumblings of the Russian Revolution are to be heard.

Life in Anatevka is hard, and governed by the traditions of the Jewish way of life, with marriages arranged by the village matchmaker Yente. She has been to see Golde, to arrange a marriage for Tzeitel, the oldest daughter, with the rich but elderly Lazar Wolf, the village butcher. Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava, the three sisters sing of the matches they would like to be arranged for their perfect husbands.

Tevye then enters, pulling his cart, and muses “If I was a rich man”, but his dreams are interrupted by various people, and the news that Jews from adjacent villages are being evicted. Enter Perchick, a student from Kiev University, wandering, but earning a living from giving lessons to children; Tevye invites him to spend the Sabbath with them, and he is soon involved with Hodel, Tevye’s second daughter. After some confusion, Tevye and Lazar Wolf agree to Tzeitel’s betrothal, but when Tevye tells Tzeitel the good news she is overcome and has to reveal that all along, she has loved Motel the tailor. She is so upset that Tevye agrees (after persuasion) that she may marry him and not Lazar Wolf; this then has to be explained to Golde.

This is cleverly done by the appearance, in a dream, of Lazar’s deceased first wife, Fruma-Sarah, who tells off dire consequences of Lazar remarrying. Golde agrees to the marriage pf Tzeitel and Motel. The marriage is celebrated, but after a joyous dance, the Constable enters with his men and breaks up the ceremony as a prelude to a pogrom. Act Two opens with Perchick on his way back to Kiev to tack part in the revolution but, before he goes he asks Hodel to marry him. They tell Tevye that they will marry in defiance of the tradition that they should ask him, and despite his opposition, he agrees. He bravely tells Golde of his decision and why he did it – because Hodel loves Perchick – and asks if she loves him and this leads to the loveliest duet in the show – “Do you love me?”

Then rumours start about Hodel and Perchick (who has been arrested in Kiev) followed by a new arrival in Motel’s shop, where Chava, the third daughter has once again be approached by Fyedka, a Russian. Fyedka has been interested in Chava for some time but she has held off due to Tevye’s traditional Jewish hatred of all things Russian would never allow him to accept Fyedka as his son-in-law. Now she realises that she loves him, and tries to ask Tevye to accept Fyedka but he cannot and tells her never to see him again. She decides instead to run away with him.

On top of this disaster, the Constable warns Tevye that the whole village has but three days to clear out – the pogrom – has started – there is talk of resistance but it is hopeless: and Anatevka has to be abandoned.

The opera ends with the villagers, one after the other going away to start a new life wherever the may, leaving Tevye, Golde, and their youngest two daughters, Shprintze and Bielke packed and ready to go to America, leaving Anatevka empty, deserted, silent.

Acts and Musical Numbers:

Act One 1.

Prologue – Tradition
2. Act I – Opening
3. Matchmaker
3A. Change of Scene
4. If I Were A Rich Man
4A. End Of Scene 2
5.Sabbath Prayer
5A. Change Of Scene
6.To Life
6A.To Life – Dance
6B. Opening – Scene 5 (To Life)
7.Street Scene
8.Perchik and Hodel Dance
9.Tevye’s Monologue
10.Miracle Of Miracles
11.The Dream
12.Crossover – Act I
13.Wedding Introduction
14.Sunrise, Sunset
15.Wedding Dance – No. 1
16.Wedding Scene – No. 1
17.Wedding Dance – No. 2
18.Wedding Scene – No. 2
19.Finale – Act I
Act Two
21.Opening – Act II
22.Now I Have Everything
23.Tevye’s Rebuttal
24.Do You Love Me?
25.The Rumor
26.Far From The Home I Love
27.Crossover – Act II
28.Incidental (Miracle of Miracles)
29.Change of Scene
30.Chava Sequence
32.Final Scene – Underscoring
33.Curtain – Act II
34.Music For Bows


Tevye, the Dairyman Iain Somerfield Wade

Golde, his wife Adele O’Neill

Tzeitel Rowan Davies

Hodel Gemma Davies

Chava Carly Kavanagh

Shprinze Elin Williams

Bielke Emily Davies

Yente, the matchmaker Claire Richards

Motel, the tailor Andrew Fletcher

Perchik, the student Owen Llyr Williams

Lazar Wolf, the butcher Thomas Jones

Mordcha, the innkeeper Paul Hewens

Rabbi Elliott Westhoff

Mendel, his son Steffan Hughes

Granma Tzeitel Kayleigh Davies-Richards

Fruma-Sarah Kelly Evans

Constable John Paul James

Fyedka Joshua Davies

Sasha Sean Tapp

Russian Michael Formston

The Fiddler Steffan Rizzi

Senior Chorus Girls

Stephanie Davies, Catrin Brown, Sheena Williams, Lynda Davies, Georgina Edwards,Gemma Thomas, Hannah Evans, Emma Morris, Kelly Morgan, Louise Richards, ZoePenfold, Rebecca Jones.

Junior Chorus Girls

Lauren Morgan, Rosie Williams, Chelsea Morgan, Misha Kavanagh, Sarah Davies,Angharad Thomas, Anna Clarke, Naomi Ellis, Rebecca Vowles, Georgina Tipping,Rebecca Miles, Natalie Jones, Lucy Clarke, Jessica Vaughan, Holly Ellis.

Boys Chorus

Brendan Westhoff, Gerard Westhoff, Gethin Thomas, Gwion Davies, Tom Young,Huw Jones, Craig Kavanagh, Thomas Vowles, Gareth Thomas, Chris Morgan, Rory Edwards, Cuan Rowlands.