Carousel – 2008

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics & Book by Oscar Hammerstein II
Based on a play ‘LILIOM’ by Ferenc Moinar, as adapted by Benjamin F. Glazer
Original dances by Agnes de Mille

Monday 11th to Saturday 16th
February 2008
7.30pm (Matinée on Sat 2.00pm)

at the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen

Contact: Carmarthen Youth Opera | Phone:


In a New England coastal town in the 1870s, two young female mill-workers, Carrie Pipperidge and the demure Julie Jordan, visit the local carnival. Here Julie meets the swaggering, carefree carousel barker, Billy Bigelow. Billy flirts outrageously with her, causing his jealous employer, Mrs Mullin, to fire him. The mill owner, Mr Bascombe, warns Julie about Billy’s bad reputation, but she ignores this advice and she is fired from her job as well. She and Billy, when left alone, talk freely, but neither can quite confess the growing love they feel for each other.

Some time later, by which time Julie and Billy are married, the townsfolk are preparing for the evenings’ clambake, including Julie’s cousin, Nettie Fowler, and Carrie, who is now happily engaged to Enoch (Mr Snow). Julie confides to Carrie that Billy, still unemployed and living with Julie at Nettie’s, is unhappy over the loss of his job and, out of frustration, has slapped Julie. He also keeps bad company with a whaler friend called Jigger. Billy arrives and is very rude to them all, going off with Jigger and leaving behind a distraught Julie.

Billy and Jigger dance and flirt with the local girls. Mrs Mullin, hearing that Billy is unhappy with Julie, tries to tempt him back to the carousel (and to her!). Julie arrives and confides to Billy that she is pregnant. A delighted Billy decides to help Jigger with a robbery to provide money for their future child. To celebrate they all head off to the clambake – for the moment, all seems well.

As everyone leaves to help clear up before the treasure hunt, Jigger tries to seduce Carrie. Unfortunately, Enoch walks in while Carrie is in a compromising position. He declares that he is finished with her. The girls try to comfort Carrie, saying all men are bad; they urge Julie to leave Billy. Instead, Julie replies that you should stand by your man through thick and thin. Meanwhile, Billy, armed with a knife, is sneaking away with Jigger to commit the robbery. The intended victim, Mr Bascombe, is carrying a gun and foils the attack. Jigger makes good his escape but Billy is cornered by the police, falls on his knife and dies before he can finally tell Julie that he loves her. Nettie comforts Julie, and Carrie, who has reconciled with Enoch, tells Julie that Billy’s death was not necessarily a bad thing.

Billy arrives at heaven’s gate, but stern angels will only allow him to enter if he alleviates the distress he has caused. The Starkeeper angel sends him back to earth, fifteen years after his death, where his daughter, Louise, is now an angry and rebellious teenager. Mr. Snow’s snobbish children mock her because her father was a thief. However, Enoch’s son, Enoch Junior, does propose to her, in an attempt to stop her from running away from home to join a carnival troupe she met.
Billy reveals himself to Louise, pretending to be a friend of her father. As a gift, he offers her a star he stole from Heaven. He slaps her when she refuses it and becomes invisible to her, but only just after Julie catches a glimpse of him. Relating all of this to her mother, Louise says that the slap actually felt like a kiss, not a blow. Without allowing her to actually see him, Billy at last confesses his love to Julie, who miraculously seems to hear him.

Having thus made amends, he invisibly attends Louise’s high-school graduation. The whole town shuns her and refuses to applaud her. Dr. Seldon, who strangely resembles the Starkeeper, tells the graduating class not to rely on their parents’ success (advice directed at Enoch Jr.) or be held back by their parents’ mistakes (directed at Louise).
Billy, still invisible, whispers to Louise, telling her to have confidence in herself. His silent words enter her mind and, inspired, she — along with Julie — joins the singing. This good deed redeems Billy, who wins entry into Heaven.

Acts and Musical Numbers:

Act One – Overture – Orchestra

  • Scene 1 – Prologue (The Carousel Waltz) – The Company
  • Scene 2 – Mister Snow – Carrie and Julie
  • If I Loved You – Billy and Julie
  • Scene 3 – June Is Bustin’ Out All Over – Nettie, Carrie and the Chorus
  • Encore: June Is Bustin’ Out All Over – Nettie and the Chorus
  • Reprise: Mister Snow – Carrie, Enoch and the Girls
  • When The Children Are Asleep – Enoch and Carrie
  • Blow High, Blow Low – Jigger, Billy and the Men
  • Soliloquy – Billy

Finale Act 1 – Nettie and the Company

  • Scene 1 – A Real Nice Clambake – Nettie, Julie, Carrie, Enoch and the Chorus
  • Geraniums in the Winder – Enoch
  • Stonecutters Cut It On Stone – Jigger and the Chorus
  • What’s The Use Of Wonderin’ – Julie and the Girls
  • Scene 2 – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Julie and Nettie
  • Scene 3 – The Highest Judge Of All – Billy
  • Scene 4 – Ballet – Louise, Carnival Boy, Enoch, the Snow Children and the Dancers
  • Scene 5 – Reprise: If I Loved You – Billy
  • Scene 6 – Finale Ultimo – The Company


Carrie Pipperidge – Elin Wyn Williams
Julie Jordan – Catrin Lisa Phillips
Mrs. Mullin – Georgina Tipping
Billy Bigelow – Ian Roach
1st Policeman – Robert Tipton
2nd Policeman – Emyr Jones
David Bascombe – Gareth Morgan
Nettie Fowler – Anwen Price
Enoch Snow – Daniel Williams
Jigger Craigin – Benn Williams
Captain – Thomas Goodridge
Heavenly Friend (Brother Joshua) – Steffan Hughes
Starkeeper – Michael-Rae Formston
Louise – Katie Phillips
Carnival Boy – William Turrell
Enoch Snow Jr. – Iwan Williams
Principal – Thomas Goodridge
Dr. Seldon – Michael-Rae Formston

Snow Children
William Cervetto, Joseph Cooke, Lloyd Cooke, Hanna Evans, Ffion Fox, Olivia Morris,
Noa Radford, Mia Thomas, Iwan Williams

Senior Boys Chorus
Rhys Davies, Michael-Rae Formston, Thomas Goodridge, Steffan Hughes, Emyr Jones,
John Llewelyn, Gareth Morgan, Robert Tipton, William Turrell, Tomos Yeeles, Thomas Young

Junior Boys Chorus
Alexander Campbell, Willam Cervetto, Aled Evans, James Fox, Kristopher Llewellyn-Jones, Finn Radford, Osian Radford, Cuan Rowlands, Ben Skinner, Fergus Turtle, Rhys Young

Senior Girls Chorus
Emily Ruth Davies, Alexandra George, Stephanie Hughes, Angharad Jones, Emma Jones, Elizabeth King, Claire Lewis, Olivia Morris, Jasmin Owen,Victoria Pearce, Katie Phillips, Catrin Robinson, Rebecca Vowles

Junior Girls Chorus
Chelsea Axon, Georgie Cullen, Grace Davies, Chloe Eldridge, Olivia Formston, Georgia Green, Ffion Groom, Yasmin Hamid, Elizabeth Houghton, Amy Howells, Kelly Howells, Gabby Jones, Lara Hoare-Lewis, Lowri Luxton, Rebecca Miles, Victoria Rees, Emily Saddler, Marcy Thomas,Charlotte Tobias, Bethany Williams-Potter, Ruby Woodhead, Cerys Yeeles